Department of Human Sciences

The Department of Human Sciences has a dynamic team of inter-disciplinary curators who conduct research in archaeology, history, anthropology, rock art, museumology, object biographies and materiality...

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The Department of Natural Science is one of two research departments within the museum, housing specimens dating back to 1879...

Exhibition Department

KwaZulu-Natal Museum’s Exhibition Department conceptualises, designs and oversees both the permanent and temporary exhibitions within the Museum...

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KwaZulu-Natal Museum

KwaZulu-Natal Museum is a popular tourist and educational amenity and acclaimed centre of scholarly research, offers thousands of visitors a feast of attractive, modern and user friendly displays. The KZN Museum is dedicated to increasing understanding of the history of mankind in south-eastern Africa and of the natural world, through the collection, study and display of real objects. The Museum opened its doors on 30 November 1904 and is now home to several of South Africa's most important heritage collections. The collections are of international renown, and feature regional archaeology, African cultural products, European settler history, seashells, insects and other forms of animal life. The KZN Museum is proud to be the custodian of one of the most important collections of Zulu craft objects. The largest national Museum in KwaZulu-Natal, this Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of objects of cultural and scientific value, concentrating on both the Natural and Human Sciences. The exhibition galleries are continually being upgraded to make the museum even more effective and enjoyable.  

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237 Jabu Ndlovu Street
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal 3201

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Venue Hire

Did you know that the KZN Museum has two venues that can be hired for meetings/workshops/conferences and even birthday parties?

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A new temporary photo exhibition launches at the KZN Museum this weekend - on rural resistance and struggles for land in KwaZulu-Natal, hosted by the Association For Rural Advancement (AFRA) There are 40 photographs from the period of forced evictions- to 1994. There are 40 photographs from the period of forced evictions, to 1994 and the area of optimism. Though some of the photos were taken 40 years ago, the issues they portray are still very prevalent even today, as people continue to face the rights violations they experienced back then.

Tickets for the winter edition of the KZN Museum "Night at the Museum" is now on sale for the event which is set for the 28 June from 6:00 - 8:00pm. We have an exciting programme lined up for the evening which is suitable for the entire family. We will be featuring a  live snake show, fun and interactive science show, Victorian Show and Tell in the History hall, San Hunter Display (stone tools, pottery, iron) with the Museum archaeologists, Library book display, Insect pinning with our scientific staff and more! Food will be on sale, as well as face painting, popcorn and a coffee! Tickets are limited so please purchase those tickets soon to avoid disappointment! Tickets may be purchased from Webtickets or from the customer service desk at any Pick ‘n Pay store.

The KZN Museum celebrated Biodiversity Day on the 22nd of May 2019.  The Theme was “Connecting to our biodiversity, our food, our health”. 7 schools participated by bring in just under 130 learners to the Museum to learn about the role of nature in ensuring human health and good nutrition.
The various specialist staff from our Natural Science Department provided presentations on various aspects of Biodiversity. Dr. Tsuura from the University of KwaZulu-Natal was the guest speaker at this event and his presentation demonstrated great insight on African Biodiversity.

There will be a talk  "South African Rock Art: A brief introduction" by Jeremy Hollmann at the KZN Museum on on Saturday, June 15th at 10:30 am.  

About the talk: A great deal of attention has been paid to the rock art made by the hunter-gatherer ancestors of the San. We appreciate their finely made, life like depictions of animals and people. We also understand something of the worldview of which rock art was part. But there exist two other distinct image-making practices in South Africa. They differ from the hunter-gatherer art in terms of geographic distribution, location of painted images in the landscape, the methods of applying the pigment, and the cultural practices associated with the images. In the dry western parts of South Africa and Namibia are painted and engraved schematic (geometric) motifs. At the same time, in parts of Limpopo Province, there are sites at which bold, white, finger-painted images of people and artefacts in proximity to the location at which initiation performances were held. The presentation will be a virtual tour of South Africa as we visit some of these places. We will see examples of these 'traditions' and touch on their social significance.