The Natal Museum is hosting a photographic exhibition called Umhlaba Wami, or "My World" in Zulu featuring the work of children orphaned by Aids, from Pietermaritzburg township communities, a programme coordinated by the Thandanani Children’s Foundation. 

The purpose of the programme is to teach the art of photography to marginalized children in communities of KwaZulu Natal, to build confidence, self esteem and hope. Working with mentors and translators, the children were put through a workshop process over two months and taught the basics of photography. The children were also taught how to set up a portfolio and make calendars using their photographs for fundraising purposes.  Brittan Smith, a volunteer at the Thandanani Children’s Foundation says, “Umhlaba Wami aims to help these children and their caregivers by providing an outlet for self-expression and creativity through photography, to connect with their communities and the wor
ld around them. These children have had much of their childhood taken away from them, being able to see their work displayed and having the opportunity to tell their story will validate their talents and encourage them to continue developing. Being able to display their work will also bring more attention to the project, and all donations that are received will go directly toward bursaries and school supplies for these children, development projects for the participating schools and communities.”  

The exhibition opens on Friday, 26 March and runs till the end of April 2010.
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