Museums in South Africa celebrate International Museum’s Day on the 25 May 2011. The KwaZulu-Natal Museum has an exciting programme lined for that week. The programme includes talks & tours by various experts in the relevant fields.

Archaeologist Gavin Whitelaw from the KwaZulu-Natal Museum will be doing a public talk on this day at 1pm on Glass Beads. Entrance to the museum and for the talk on the 25 May will be free.


Visitors will be in for a treat as museum stalwarts Iris Bornman and Peter Croeser, both retired, take visitors through a unique behind the scenes tour of some of the most popular displays. These include the History Hall and Period Rooms; 1860’s street scene, Pawn Shop, Dress Shop, Blacksmith, cottage, Chemist and Marine Gallery.

On Thursday 26 May at 1 pm, Dr Jason Londt will be doing a talk on Insects and conducting a behind the scenes tour of the Natural Science department. Rock Art specialist, Jeremy Hollmann will be talking about Rock Art, specifically Bamboo Mountain Stones, The Mead Stone & the Elephant Man from eBusingatha, on Friday, 27 May at 1pm at the Rock Art display in the museum. 

There is a special treat in store for visitors on Saturday, 28 May at 10:00 with a storytelling session by Dr Gcina Mhlope, on Indigenous Knowledge. Regular entrance fees apply on the 26, 27 & 28 May. Space is limited so the public is asked to please call Viranna Frank on 3410556 to make a booking to attend any of the sessions.

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