Please take note of the hours of operation for the KZN Museum during this Easter Weekend. Wishing all those who celebrate, a very Happy Easter!

On the 6th of March the Human Science department visited Sheshisamsamo Primary School in Muden, Ntshekane (KZN). The archaeology team presented a talk on Iron Age Archaeology, in particular - the Iron Age of Ntshekane. The main speakers were Dr Gavin Whitelaw and Mr Phumulani Madonda. Ntshekane is close to Greytown and is an Early Iron Age site. The site was first excavated by Professor Tim Maggs in 1973, and now Dr Whitelaw resumed with the work since 2014. The KZN Museum has since established a close relationship with the community of Ntshekane In 2018 the acting headman of the area Mr Mnchunu and some of the villagers including the principal of Sheshisamsamo Primary School, Mrs Myaka were invited by Dr G. Whitelaw to visit the KZN Museum. The talk was presented to grade 6 and 7 learners from the school and was well received by all. 

The KZN Museum is participating in a collaborative Enviro Reach event at a Traditional Healers Forum in Ndwedwe this month. The partners include DARD, EDTEA and the KZN Museum. Marsha Kalika, Chief Education Officer: Outreach - KZN Museum, will focus on creating sustainable clean electricity utilising vegetables and the topic “Filtration is Purification” will be discussed and demonstrated. In addition the Museum will be facilitating the distribution of Natural Science and Life Science as well as Maths Lit books, sponsored by Mr Greg Gopal from the Exam fever. Ms Kalika will also do a presentation of electricity generation using apples, lemons, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and coke. This will stimulate excitement and provide alternative options available for energy production. The launch event for this outreach initiative will be held on the 25 March at the Nodwengu Traditional Council in Ndwedwe.

25 Grade 12 learners from Copesville Secondary School visited the Museum recently for the "Day at the Museum" programme, with a specific focus on history. The programme is facilitated by the Museum's Chief Education Officer: In-House, Dumisani Jali and includes a comprehensive lecture, tour of the relevant galleries as it applies to the topic, watching relevant DVD's as well as interaction with learners and educators as it relates to the topic.

Feedback from Copesville Secondary School:
I would like to thank you and the whole team for opening the doors for the schools especially Grade 12, the warm welcome we receive as Copesville Secondary from our entrance to registration was awesome and amazing let alone the information on the topic and our tour around was so splendid indeed, we enjoyed everything about the museum and it equipped and open the minds of the learners knowing that KwaZulu-Natal Museum has so much to offer.

As for my learners it was very interesting and fun to be able to see how much information and how they can can use the museum to benefit from their own and families, more powerful than anything else especially how you unpack and delivered the topic information it uplifted their confidence and strength to make 2019 their year of well in their studies more especially History What a day What a place What a moment???
Thank you indeed
God bless
Zanele Magwaza Zondi




After many years the KZN Museum has decided to increase certain prices, including entrance fees. The entry fees which are considered a real bargain for most people who visit the Museum, will now be increased to R 15 for adults and R 5 for children. Pensioners are children under 4 years of age will enjoy visiting the Museum at no cost. School entrance charges have been increased to R 2.50 per learner. One educator per 20 learners will be free while additional educators will be charged R 15 per educator. The tickets to use the internet at the Learners Resource Centre have also increased to R 15 for adults, per hour and R 10 for students (with a valid and current student card), per hour. The Learners Resource Centre also offers photocopying at R0.50 per page and other basic services like scanning and faxing as well. The new prices will be effective as of the 1 April 2019.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday - 8:15 to 16:30 
Saturdays - 9:00 to 16:00 
Sundays - 10:00 to 15:00


Adults (over 17 years) : R10.00

Children (4-17 years) : R 2.50 

School Learners on tour : R 1.50 per child

Pensioners & toddlers : FREE