lighttrapDipterists in the Entomology section of the Arthropoda Department have studied more than 30 families of Diptera over almost half a century. Well over 150 articles have been published by staff during this period.

Expertise on the Afrotropical taxa of the following Diptera families is offered by the honorary research associates indicated, as follows:

Dr D. Barraclough: Acroceridae; Aulacigastridae; Camillidae; Campichoetidae; Carnidae; Ctenostylidae; Clusiidae; Diastatidae; Micropezidae; Neminidae; Neriidae; Odiniidae; Opomyzidae; Tachinidae; Ulidiidae.

Dr J. Londt: Asilidae. Also a specialist of African Mecoptera.

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